Where is MMJ Legal in the US?

  Where is marijuana decriminalized? Although not legalization, decriminalization effectively signals the beginning of the end of prohibition in a state. While some States have not legalized, these states contain laws that lower the penalty for possessing...

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Period cramps are the worst! While some prefer to slap on a heating pad and dive for a bar of chocolate, cannabis has long been a popular choice for that time of the month. Not only is the plant a natural pain killer, many fans find that, when it comes to PMS,...

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How to use Edibles Safely

Marijuana consumed in edible form causes significantly stronger effects in smaller doses, and controlling dosage when eating is easy and effective. The effects of edibles also usually take longer to kick in, as well – about 45 mins – 1 hour. However, edibles provide...

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What is Chronic pain?

Chronic pain, which persists and at times never ceases, is characterized as discomfort that slowly increases over time until it becomes a consistent pain. This type of pain is very different from acute pain. Acute pain is episodic in nature, features a sudden onset,...

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What Is Marijuana?

Marijuana is a high CBD, high-THC and high-resin Cannabis Sativa plant. This plant is grown for its medicinal and psychotropic properties that are typically found more in the flowers of the female plants. Marijuana is usually harvested by hand, dried, trimmed and...

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Cannabis Burgers

Burgers Anyone? Try this Great Labor Day recipe! Directions Since making a hamburger is a pretty basic task you really don’t have to deviate much from the traditional methods of making one. Making sure you get your weed evenly dispersed throughout the meat is the most...

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