Being an advocate and prescribing doctor I get this popular question a lot. How much is too much marijuana? Determining the correct amount of cannabis to consume, whether it be for facilitating a good night’s sleep, relieving pain, alleviating depression or as an alternative to other drugs/alcohol is very important. The typical prescriptions doctors usually give patients will have directions on how to take it and how much to take. Antibiotics and many other drugs are “take-as-directed” in which the doctor prescribes a specific number of pills to be taken at prescribed intervals until all are consumed. Pain medications and some anti-depressants are often dispensed “p.r.n.”—medical lingo for “take-as-needed.” That doesn’t mean patients can take them whenever they want or as much as they want. Most p.r.n. medications have a quantity and time limit restrictions such as take one pill every four hours as needed for pain. The terms Ad Libre or Take Freely is a medical term seldom seen as there is not a single medication that you can truly “take freely” even vitamins cannot be taken freely. However, Cannabis is the only therapeutic substance so safe patients can take it “ad libre” to alleviate whatever debilitating symptoms they are experiencing or euphoric state they are seeking. When consuming Cannabis it is physically impossible to fatally overdose, although each person has their own unique cannabinoid intake requirements for producing the sought after results from cannabis ingestion. Now how do patients determine what their specific limit is? Simple— use as much as needed to achieve whatever therapeutic benefit; which can be pain relief, or a good night’s sleep. Use caution as always and start off slow and increase as needed to achieve the therapeutic benefits. For More information on registering to become a FL Medical Marijuana Patient click Here.

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