Many people focus on the benefits of smoking marijuana for its psychoactive “high” effect.  These effects include alleviation of symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and more. However, in its raw form cannabis has multiple benefits.
Just like other leafy greens, the cannabis plant contains many antioxidants and nutrients. The seeds of the plant contain protein, fatty acids, various minerals and multiple vitamins. The leaves of the plant also, contains essential minerals and nutrients, including iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, selenium and carotenoids.
In its raw form cannabis contains two main cannabinoids: THCA and CBDA. THCA only converts to THC when heated. Therefore, by consuming cannabis raw, you can receive all the benefits of the plant without getting the “high” feeling. Both of the cannabinoids found in raw cannabis contain many health benefits, which is naturally occurring in the plant.
Now that we know how beneficial raw cannabis can be here is one popular method of consuming raw cannabis. Juicing is an easy way to test out the benefits of cannabis. Cannabis leaves on their own are very bitter. Juicing extracts all the minerals and nutrients of the plant and cannabinoids. Try it in a smoothie to cut down on the bitter taste. You can learn more about medical marijuana and how to qualify by clicking here

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