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At Metta Essentials your health and wellness is our priority! Our mission is derived from the concept of metta meditation, and our products are designed to help you enjoy happiness, good health, safety, and easy living. By providing the most effective and highest quality products available, we will help our customers easily incorporate plant-based dietary essentials into their lives as part of a daily routine of healing and self-improvement. We are grateful and humbled for the opportunity to serve our customers.

ADL Product Review For Metta Essentials


  • Contains <0.3% delta 9 THC from hemp
  • Made with full-spectrum, premium hemp oil and herbal extracts
  • Customized made-to-order tinctures
  • Molecularly homogenization achieved through ultrasonication for superior bioavailability and absorption
  • Produced using high-quality ethanol extraction method + ultrasonication
  • Metta Essentials conducts third-party lab testing on all products, with lab results available on the website
  • Concentrated extracts allow you to use minimal dosing and rapid absorption
  • Products are organic compliant and contain independent 3rd party lab certification
  • Manufactured and distributed in USA
  • A good value and priced competitively per serving compared to other products tested


  • The company does not offer as many varieties as some other brands tested
  • Limited formulary, only available in oral extract
  • A high demand may create out-of-stock issues

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  • Risk Free: money back guaranteed if you do not get approved for your MMJ card
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