Below are frequently asked questions pertaining to Florida’s medical marijuana law and program.

  1. Can any doctor in Florida order medical marijuana for a patient?

No. Only doctors that are actively licensed and have completed the required training can order medical marijuana for medical marijuana patients.

  1. Is a medical marijuana certification the same as a medical marijuana referral?


Yes. A referral or recommendations have the same meaning as to certify or certification in Florida’s medical marijuana program.

  1. When will I know that my medical marijuana application was sent and approved?

After your evaluation the doctor will let you know whether or not you are eligible for the medical marijuana program, at which time your certification will be entered into the database and your card will be issued. You will also receive an email after your information is entered into the system.

  1. Does my medical marijuana card expire? How long is my medical marijuana card valid for?

Yes. The medical marijuana card is only valid for one year after the date, which the card is issued.

  1. If I have my medical marijuana license from another state is it valid in Florida?


No. In order to be enrolled in the Florida medical marijuana program a doctor who is licensed and certified, as a marijuana doctor in Florida must evaluate you. Only patients entered into Florida’s Compassionate Use Registry database are allowed to purchase, possess and consume medical marijuana in Florida.

  1. Is my information kept confidential when I enroll into Florida’s medical marijuana program?

Yes. Confidentiality agreements and HIPPA laws bind the Florida Department of Health and marijuana doctors. A medical marijuana patient’s information is only shared with certain authorized personal such as state and local law enforcement agencies on a need to know basis. For example if you are pulled over by law enforcement while possessing medical marijuana the officer will need to verify that your medical marijuana card is valid by querying the Department of Health’s Compassionate Use Registry database.

  1. Where can I legally purchase medical marijuana in Florida?


Before a patient can legally purchase medical marijuana in Florida the marijuana doctor will enter a recommended dosage amount into the registry. Once the doctor has recommended a dosage the medical marijuana patient can only purchase medical marijuana from licensed growers/dispensaries. Any marijuana purchased outside of these sources is deemed illegal and is not protected under Florida’s medical marijuana law.

  1. Do I have to purchase the entire amount of medical marijuana as recommended by my medical marijuana doctor?


No. A patient can purchase however much medical marijuana that they want as long as it does not exceed the marijuana doctor’s recommendation.

  1. Who can purchase medical marijuana from a dispensing organization?

Only the patient themselves or the patient’s legal representative may purchase low-THC, medical cannabis, or cannabis delivery devices from dispensing organizations.

  1. How do I renew my medical marijuana card?


In order to renew your medical marijuana card in Florida you must visit a medical marijuana doctor and be reevaluated. After the evaluation the medical marijuana doctor will issue a new medical marijuana certificate and a new application will be sent to the Florida Department of Health, who will then issue a new medical marijuana card. In order to prevent any lapse in your legal protection it is recommended that you apply for your new card at least 45 days before your current medical marijuana card expires.

 For More information on registering to become a FL Medical Marijuana Patient click Here.

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