While medical cannabis has been around for centuries only recently, have we seen medical providers becoming more educated and more comfortable with using the plant as treatment. Each year numerous states have legalized cannabis for medical use and recreational use. The information on medical cannabis can be difficult to find with all of the information out there. So, how do you know that medical cannabis is right for you? The first step is to ask your doctor. Through close work with your healthcare provider you can decide whether or not cannabis will be a beneficial treatment for you.

As a physician and authorized prescriber, I understand that talking about medical cannabis can be intimidating and confusing. My goal is to remove the stigma surrounding this industry and empower patients to ask the right questions so they can get the treatment they need.

Here’s a list of questions you can ask your healthcare provider to determine if medical cannabis is the correct treatment for you!  Also I have provided what your next steps should be if medical cannabis is an option. These basic questions will help start the conversation between you and your healthcare provider. Also write down a few questions that are specific to you and your medical history. Use this conversation as a way to set straight myths about cannabis use and know the facts! You can learn more about medical marijuana and how to qualify Click Here.

What are the health risks associated with cannabis use?


What types of ailments can be treated with cannabis? Does cannabis seem like a good option for my ailments?


What is your suggested cannabis consumption method?


Does medicinal cannabis seem like a good option for my lifestyle?


How can I find more information on medicinal cannabis?


Will I be able to perform my everyday duties while using medicinal cannabis?


As a parent, will I be able to use my medicinal cannabis around my children?


How do I stay safe while using medicinal cannabis?


Will cannabis interact with my other medications?




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