The demand for Marijuana products is rising all over the world especially because of its medicinal value. One topic that continues to cause more confusion among users is the difference between Hemp and CBD oil. Unclear reference and use of undefined terminologies by both manufacturers and marketers often leave buyers undecided or confused on the differences between CBD and Hemp.

The most common features of CBD and Hemp oil is that they both have medicinal effect. CBD and Hemp oil derives from similar species of plants however, their contents are unique.

The first difference between CBD and Hemp oil is that they are not derived from the same part of the plant. CBD oil comes from the actual flowers of Marijuana by various extraction techniques. There are a variety techniques used to extract CBD oil including; the CO2 method which does not use solvents, giving clean oil.

On the other hand, Hemp oil is produced by pressing Marijuana seeds to acquire the fatty oil. The oil from Marijuana seeds has no medicinal value, but it is highly nutritious and offers several benefits. One of the best methods of producing Hemp oil is through cold press. This method removes oil from the seeds without subjecting it to extreme temperatures.

To be precise and clear, Hemp and Marijuana are the same species of plants. However, it is not possible to get high from Hemp because of low levels of THC. These levels are so low that consumers cannot obtain a high or therapeutic effect no matter how much is eaten or vaporized. Hemp is legal in many countries and has various industrial uses such as fuel, paper, food, and fiber.

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