The demand for Marijuana products is rising all over the world especially because of its medicinal value. One topic that continues to cause more confusion among users is the difference between Hemp and CBD oil. Unclear reference and use of undefined terminologies by...

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Raw Cannabis Benefits

Many people focus on the benefits of smoking marijuana for its psychoactive “high” effect.  These effects include alleviation of symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and more. However, in its raw form cannabis has multiple benefits. Just like other leafy...

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First Time Dispensary Guide

Going your first time to a medical marijuana dispensary can be a bit overwhelming. Dispensaries will have a large variety of different types and strains of marijuana, as well as different kinds of medical marijuana products. These products range from selection like...

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In the past few decades, medical marijuana has become an increasingly common prescription for patients as they attempt to manage the many devastating symptoms of this disease. Today, the statistics are nearly one in three HIV/AIDS patients turn to cannabis to ward...

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Body High VS Head High

One of the first questions anyone new to cannabis will likely ask is: what is the difference between a body high, and a head high? Body Highs A body high is typically derived from an indica-dominant cannabis strain. The easiest way to remember this is by thinking:...

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