What is Vaping ?

Patients always ask me what are the most common methods to receiving medical marijuana and my answer is Vaporizing or “vaping”. Cannabis has gained its popularity recently, especially in Florida where the actual flower or “bud” is not yet available. So what exactly is...

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Cannabis Laws in Macau

Macau is globally known as the “Vegas of China”. It is located 37 miles west of Hong Kong, and consists of the Macau Peninsula (attached to the mainland China) and the small islands of Taipa and Coloane – all connected by a bridge or causeway. Macau is considered a...

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What else could be more relaxing than yoga and marijuana? Both have amazing health benefits, so combining these two is a great way to have a healthy and stress free day. Practicing yoga is known to improve your flexibility, strength, balance, breathing and much more....

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Popular Medical Marijuana FAQ’s

Below are frequently asked questions pertaining to Florida's medical marijuana law and program. Can any doctor in Florida order medical marijuana for a patient? No. Only doctors that are actively licensed and have completed the required training can order medical...

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