Medical marijuana has grown in popularity with applaud to legislators and doctors alike who realize this amazing plant can be an effective treatment for numerous aliments. Patients who use medical marijuana understand the importance of treating symptoms associated with debilitating illnesses. Marijuana comes in a variety of forms, and strains so it is important to know how to properly store your medication.

First off the type of storage needed is based on the type of medical marijuana you are consuming. For instance, traditional marijuana buds should be stored in airtight glass jars, like a mason jar and needs to be protected from light. The pantry or a cabinet would be a perfect place to ensure your batch stays fresh.

Vape pens are another form of treatment and patients should regularly replace pens. Tinctures and buds should be stored in glass and kept away from direct sunlight as well.

Edibles are another popular treatment and should be treated as a perishable food item. Cookies, cakes, brownies, and gummies have a shorter life expectancy, so try to consume them within the expiration date given.

Local dispensaries can give patients and users alike best practices on storage of medical marijuana. Users should avoid dispensaries that store treatment in plastic bags or containers because plastic is one of the biggest culprits in drying out marijuana buds. It is also good to stay away from dispensaries that handle marijuana buds directly due to the transfer of moisture and germs to the bud. When properly stored and treated users should be able to receive the best treatment and relief. A little knowledge goes a long way, so be sure to educate yourself on the how to properly care for your treatment.

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