Now that you can smoke cannabis in Florida, many patients have questions on the best method on how to consume the flower. Lets break it down, if you are going to roll a joint with the cannabis flower you will have to grind your flower. Breaking down your flower into small pieces allows for all of the cannabis particles to burn as they are smoked. When cannabis burns, it releases cannabinoids, terpenes and other chemicals, allowing users to receive relief through inhalation. This is very similar to the vaping method.

You’re probably wondering why do people grind weed and how a grinder is used. Most grinders are metal and have to separate chambers that process the flower. One chamber has sharp teeth that on the top and bottom that shred that flower as you twist left to right. As the grinder is twisted small pieces of flower fall between the teeth giving you small pieces of flower, that fall into the second chamber. This method gives users the ability to grind the cannabis to a more appropriate size for rolling it into a joint. The base of the second often has a screen, which allows cannabinoid-rich trichomes to fall through and collect, which is called keif.

Other options to grinding your flower include the old fashion way of using your hands. However, often the flower is sticky and will have resin that transfers to your hands and even the smell. Scissors can also do the trick, but again the resin will cause a sticky substance that will transfer to any tool being used.

As previously mentioned using a grinder is the preferred method you choose to break down your flower for relief. For more information about registering for medical marijuana card or the qualifying aliments click here.

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