The legality of cannabis varies wildly worldwide. The trend of legalization has become popular, but is still a slow process from country to country. Many forward thinking counties such as Canada, Uruguay, and Australia have amended their laws to allow medical consumption of the plant. More conservative countries such as Saudi Arabia, and Ireland still prohibit the plant and any use of it.

Although in recent times countries where marijuana is illegal, many of the counties have decriminalized it in small amounts. Many states in the US have restrictions, like in FL where users have to be a medical marijuana patient and have a recommendation for consumption unlike Massachusetts where marijuana is fully recreational.

There are many counties with some interesting rules and regulation, where marijuana is illegal, but not really. Find out below some of the most popular states and countries were patients and users can and can not administer treatment. 

Uruguay cannabis is 110% legal. Once you are over 18 and a citizen of Uruguay you can purchase and use marijuana to your heart’s content. What is this place, heaven?

-Chile allows cultivation of cannabis for personal or medical purposes. Sale of marijuana-derived medications is allowed on prescription from pharmacies.

-Australia Medical marijuana has recently become legal at a federal level in , with implementation varying from state to state. So far, medical cannabis is legal with a cannabis card in Victoria and New South Wales. One or two plants may be grown for personal use in Australian Capital and South Australia.

Colombia it is legal to possess up to 20 plants and/or to have up to 22 grams of weed, for personal consumption. Marijuana is completely legal for medical use.

Czech Republic Medical use of marijuana is fully legal and possession of up to 15 grams or 5 plants is considered merely a misdemeanor and subject to a minor fine, which is very rarely enforced.

Netherlands it is legal to sell weed is designated ‘coffeeshops’. Outside of coffeeshops, it is illegal but decriminalized to possess up to 5 grams or 5 plants. While being caught with a small amount of cannabis will not lead to prosecution – your weed may well be destroyed, so stick to the coffeeshops!

Spain weed is illegal and punishable by jail. Cannabis can be acquired in private ‘cannabis clubs’, of which there are now 500 (200 in Barcelona alone, which is why it’s now known as the ‘new Amsterdam’). It is legal to grow your own weed for personal consumption, although not in any area visible from a public place, i.e. a street-facing balcony.

Canada weed is fully legalized and regulated!

– United States federal law designates cannabis totally illegal. However, states have the right to decide their own marijuana laws, and weed is legal for personal use in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska, the cities of Portland and South Portland in Maine, and in Washington D.C. It is legal for medicinal purposes in 25 states, including California, where after a medical card evaluation, a person can get a California medical marijuana card. It is legal to grow for personal and commercial use in Colorado, Alaska and Oregon, for personal use only in Washington D.C., and for commercial use only in the state of Washington. Medicinal growing is legal in several states, including California with a California medical marijuana card and grower’s license.

Jamaica it is legal to cultivate up to five plants for personal use. Imminent plans to legalize cannabis for medicinal and religious purposes are also afoot.

India Weed is illegal at the federal level in . However, it is legal or ‘tolerated’ in many states such as West Bengal, Gujarat, Bihar, Orissa and the North East. Large tracts of cannabis grow unchecked in the wild in many parts of northern and southern India, and in holy cities like Varanasi and various north Indian states government-owned shops sell marijuana in the form of bhang.

IsraelRomaniaMacedonia and Puerto Rico, cannabis is totally illegal, but available for medical use in very specific cases, such as severe or terminal illness.

France Weed is illegal, however, it is legal to sell medications containing cannabis derivatives.

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