Whether you are medical marijuana patient or seeking this alternative treatment it is important to learn about each and every aspect of the cannabis plant. You may have heard people refer to cannabis by its name and particular strain. Let’s break down the meaning behind what exactly a strain is.

Cannabis strains are broken down into species of Sativa, Indica and Hybrids. Different varieties of strains are developed and named by their specific characteristics or unique quality. These names are chosen by growers and reflect the properties of the plants smell, color, taste, or even origin. Each plant is cultivated to contain a specific amount or percentage of THC/CBD.

Leafy is a great source for find exactly which strain is best for you! One of the best articles to read is 100 Cannabis Strains You Must Try Before You Die

“…there are some strains that everyone should try. Just like everyone should read The Great Gatsby or watch Citizen Kane, the following 100 hold an appeal for any and every cannabis consumer. From the heaviest indicas through perfectly-balanced hybrids to the brightest sativas, all manner of strain types, effects, aromas, flavors, and origins are represented below. If you can only get around to trying 100 strains in your lifetime, the following are the ones you should choose.

Leafly editors, strain researchers, former budtenders, and subject matter experts collaborated on developing this list, and many others in the Leafly office contributed additional feedback..”

Finding the right strain for treatment does not have to be difficult. Learning step by step what a strain is and which strain works best for your lifestyle is key. For more information on qualifications on how to register for a FL medical marijuana card click here.



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