Edibles are one of the best forms of medical marijuana. Edibles comes in a wide variety of medical goodness including cookies, cakes, gummies, brownies, gummies, and sweets. Edibles are readily available at local dispensaries but can users make them at home?

The answer is yes, however there are pro’s and cons of making your own batch of edibles. Edibles in simplest terms are foods that have been infused with medical marijuana. In this version the medical marijuana is easily disguised and can be consumed in a variety of foods like mentioned above.

The best pros of making edibles at home is that users know all the ingredients and can control the dosage. After all you are the chef. In addition, users can control the amount of sugars, fats, and calories. Homemade goodies usually are healthier and tastier than anything that can be bought in a store.

On the downside making edibles can be time consuming and users have to prepare a specific type of butter or fat to infuse the medical marijuana into homemade treats. Choosing a strain can be deemed difficult due to each strain having a different effects on the body.

If you are unsure, but would like to try to make your own edibles, speaking with someone in your local dispensary would be key. Gaining knowledge on the strains and the different forms of edibles is key to making your own. There are many recipes including the recipe here on how to make your own personal canna butter. 

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