For those patients who need medical marijuana more consistently a regimen is necessary for dosage throughout the day. Unfortunately, we have no control over when pain strikes and it can be pretty inconvenient at times. Below is some advice for patients who need to utilize their medical marijuana throughout the day.


Many users want to avoid vaping, and instead put their pen down for a great snack.  Edibles are a great way to reduce pain and avoid vaping, however eating cannabis is much stronger and longer-lasting than vaporizing or smoking cannabis. There are some very strong edibles available that have long-lasting effects and should be used in microdoses. Ingest edibles slowly and in small amounts (e.g. 5 mg or less) every 1-2 hours. Be sure to stop as soon as you feel you are not in too much pain anymore.

CBD-Rich Products

Remember my post on CBD?

CBD does not contain the same level of psychoactive effect as THC. This may help explain why some sativas may have strong but shorter-lasting effects because they tend to have little-to-no CBD and some THCV. Try a product with a higher CBD level and lower THC level to help maintain a steady comfortable high for pain relief.

Cannabis and Cars/Heavy Machinery

This is very self explanatory! Do not operate cars and heavy machinery when under the influence medical marijuana. Usually if a patient is given a higher THC level in their product they are not operating any type of machinery or vehicles. Usully these patients are terminally ill, but keep in mind marijuana does effect motor skills and perception in higher THC products.

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