What else could be more relaxing than yoga and marijuana?

Both have amazing health benefits, so combining these two is a great way to have a healthy and stress free day.

Practicing yoga is known to improve your flexibility, strength, balance, breathing and much more. Like other forms of exercise, yoga also has been proven to reduce your stress levels and improve your sleep. Let’s just say that yoga has very similar features to those in medical marijuana. Combining these two powerful health-boosters in your regimen can enhance your overall health mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Here are three things you should keep in mind when trying out this out this great combo! Don’t forget that aside from using medical marijuana or using  marijuana recreationally, there is no legal way to practice “ganja yoga” or marijuana yoga when in a public place.

  1. Balance while under the influence of marijuana is a bit different than balancing while you’re sober. Some strains can affect your coordination and depth perception, making it more difficult to do some of the more complicated moves in yoga.
  1. A large part of yoga is the mindset. Focus is extremely important while you’re holding poses.  Make sure your intake of medical marijuana is just enough to still remain focused to avoid a wandering mind. If you find yourself distracted while practicing cannabis yoga, find ways to bring yourself back to a focused state and flow of the moves and positions.

The method of consumption you choose has a significant effect on your general experience with marijuana, especially when you’re mixing in exercise. Much of yoga is based on the breath. While you can still smoke or vape your weed before doing yoga, it may make you feel short of breath.

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