Marijuana consumed in edible form causes significantly stronger effects in smaller doses, and controlling dosage when eating is easy and effective. The effects of edibles also usually take longer to kick in, as well – about 45 mins – 1 hour.

However, edibles provide certain distinct advantages , including:

  • Duration – for those suffering from extreme pain, edibles prove to be more useful as the effects last longer.
  • Saving money – smaller amounts are needed for marijuana to be effective when ingesting it. Although, vaping is also quite efficient, bongs and pipes use lots of marijuana, whilst dabbing can be very expensive and increase tolerance rapidly.
  • Significantly different effects – baking your favorite strain will produce different effects than when vaping them, which may be something you’re looking for!
  • Not everyone tolerates smoking, vaping, bong or pipe hits well, and edibles might be the best way for them.

One option, medical marijuana users have done is making their own marijuana oil or butter. The main reasons why edibles with small amounts of THC can produce greater effects, is because they are mass produced. This means THC is extracted and refined (usually using CO2 extraction), with all the other terpenes removed. This is effectively similar to the difference between getting your sugar intake from fruit (naturally occurring sugars), or getting your sugar intake from a candy bar (processed sugars). This is one of the reasons why sativa strains that are processed into purified THC and are made into edibles have such different effects from vaping them.

There are many different methods to consume medical marijuana for patients. Choosing the best consumption method and dosage can should be discussed with a doctor for the most effective treatment. For More information on the Methods of consuming marijuana Click Here or to discuss treatment option Click Here

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