Chronic pain, which persists and at times never ceases, is characterized as discomfort that slowly increases over time until it becomes a consistent pain. This type of pain is very different from acute pain. Acute pain is episodic in nature, features a sudden onset, and results from an accident or injury. Unlike most cases of chronic pain, acute types are treatable with a wide range of drugs and therapies (including cannabis).

Chronic pain can be defined as pain that lasts three months or longer, due to any cause.
It is estimated that chronic neuropathic pain affects more than one in five adults. In the United States, which features a population of 322 million, roughly 75 million Americans suffer from daily pain, while 25 million experience acute pain resulting from an accident or operation.

Unfortunately, chronic pain is often unaffected by conventional medical treatments or
Pharmaceutical drugs.

The two most powerful therapeutic applications of cannabis are as an analgesic (pain reliever) and
also as an anti-inflammatory. Inflammation can often lead to pain! Medical Cannabis medicine works on multiple levels to provide relief to many patients. The Use of this herb for pain management is nothing new or out of the ordinary. Due to the fact, that cannabis is very low occurrence of physical addiction and almost complete lack of negative side effects, cannabis may be the best treatment for those who suffer from chronic pain. There are many strains of Medical Cannabis that act as a powerful analgesic to treat pain.

There are many more benefits surrounding medical marijuana, although the negative stigma
surrounding it. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Lyn to discuss how medical marijuana can help treat you!

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