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THC Extraction Using Oil

What You Will Need:

  • flavorless cooking oil, such as grapeseed or vegetable oil
  • 2.5 grams of marijuana per serving (one ½ ounce for a full batch)
  • coffee or dried herbs grinder
  • cheese cloth
  • brownie mix*
  • medium size pot
  • stirring spoon (wooden or plastic)

*You can either use a box mix or make your brownies from scratch.

Making the Marijuana Oil for Marijuana Brownies

  • Grind up the marijuana in your grinder or a coffee grinder multiple times until it literally turns into powder.
  • Spread the powdered marijuana onto a frying pan. For an even cook – which is important when extracting the THC – it’s a good idea to match the frying pan to the burner size.
  • Pour oil directly onto the marijuana powder in the pan, according to the amount asked for in the brownie recipe.
  • Turn the burner on low, until until the oil and powder start to simmer.
  • Turn burner heat to the lowest setting. Leave the burner on for 2-6 hours depending on how much time you have (2 hrs is average). Make sure to stir the marijuana oil every 30 minutes with a wooden spoon.
  • When oil is done absorbing the THC, pour the oil mixture into a filter (use cheese cloth, not a coffee filter) to strain out the plant material
  • The final product should be a musky brown color oil without any grass, stems, or seeds in it.

Use this oil to make the brownies by following the instructions on the brownie box. If you prefer to make weed brownies using butter rather than oil, continuereading.

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