Burgers Anyone? Try this Great Labor Day recipe! Directions

Since making a hamburger is a pretty basic task you really don’t have to deviate much from the traditional methods of making one. Making sure you get your weed evenly dispersed throughout the meat is the most important part, and after much trial and error an effective method has been achieved.

  • First, take your meat and flatten it into a large circle on a clean counter-top or cutting surface. Flatten it out evenly making sure the thickness of the meat is fairly consistent.
  • Now take your powdered pot and sprinkle it over the surface of the meat; you want the weed to cover the top of the meat entirely.
  • Now fold the meat over, completely enclosing the pot inside. At this point you will begin to need and work the meat to make sure the weed is evenly distributed throughout.
  • Next you want to make your patty or patties. Shape and form them into just what you want size and shape wise or just make one great big one to satisfy that monstrous appetite.
  • Season the patty or patties using salt, pepper, garlic (fresh or powdered), and any others you like. Feel free to experiment, and keep in mind that the weed will add seasoning as well.
  • Grill or fry for 5 or 6 minutes per side (or to preferred temperature)
  • Eat it on a bun or bun-free with your favorite garnishments; you are simply going to love cannaburgers!

For anyone who uses weed medicinally or for any other reason but simply doesn’t like to smoke it you can use cannabis to create all kinds of enhanced concoctions, seasonings, and recipes with will allow you to ingest it and reap the benefits without the harmful effects of smoking. Get outside, get that grill fired up, and makes some incredible Cannaburgers today!

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