If you are looking for medical cannabis quick facts you came to the right place.

  • There are no recorded deaths as a result of cannabis over-consumption.
  • The lethal dose of marijuana has never been quantified because it is so high and humanly impossible to achieve but is estimated at over 1500 pounds in 15 minutes.
  • There are no serious lasting side effects.  Than those of most prescription drugs.
  • Smoking marijuana does NOT cause lung cancer.  In fact there is substantial research that smoking cannabis indicates a preventative effect on lung cancer.
  • Cannabis does not interfere with your other medications
  • Cannabis does not have to be smoked.   7 ways to consume marijuana include vaporization, eaten in food, taken under the tongue or swallowed as a tincture, oil or even juiced.
  • Smoked or vaporized cannabis enters the blood immediately.  You can feel the impact immediately – often within seconds.
  • Cannabis supports the body as an anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and a vasodialator.
  • Cannabis is safe in pregnant woman from first trimester through delivery
  • Safe in children from newborns all the way through adulthood with no long term effects.

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