Women suffering from different kinds of medical conditions have been using marijuana as an aid.  During ancient times medical marijuana has been recorded during the 7th Century Before Christ or B.C.

It is said women would use the plant to prevent miscarriages, help induce contractions to those who were having a difficult time and also to prevent heavy bleeding after giving birth.

In later years, due to the negative stigma of marijuana with growing popularity in the Western countries the use in pregnant women is seen as a danger.

Recently, more doctors have become more educated on the benefits of marijuana and the safety of the plant verses prescription medication. The side effects that prescription medication has on pregnant women are dangerous for not only mom, but also baby, where as marijuana has none. It has been reported that marijuana was used to treat a serious pregnancy condition called hyperemesis gravidarum where the woman experiences excessive vomiting which then causes weight loss and vomiting.

There are many more benefits surrounding medical marijuana, although the negative stigma surrounding it. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Lyn to discuss how medical marijuana can help treat you!

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